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Thematic Parks

For families we have signed  special agreements with the most popular thematic parks in the area.


Oltremare, with its surface of  110 thousand square meters, it is an exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, where entertainment is also an opportunity to experience  rich educational contents. Through its spectacular, funny, original and cultural stimuli, it aims at encouraging and promoting  the conservation of the environment, with particular attention to the Adriatic Sea and its coasts... more + info


With Imax you can jump into the hyperspace:  Sounds and images surround you completely, its wide screen of 600 square meters opens the door to unknown worlds, let you sink into the ocean trenches, or climb peaks, higher than eight thousand meters. Imax shows you the difference between going to the cinema or  being in it! ... more + info

Le Navi

A new way to experience the sea, its inhabitants, its history. The wonderful adventure of the sea from the beginning  up to the present day. Learning while having fun, playing as protagonists,  experiencing the unforgettable trip  offered by the thematic park Le Navi.  Get on board , and leave with us for an  interactive adventure at the heart of knowledge ... more + info


It is known as the most famous water park in Europe. It owes its success to the fact that it is not merely an aquapark. Most important the active presence of Radio Dee Jay, a reference point for the youngest  and leading private radio in Italy in terms of listeners. And then in the evening,  the Walky Cup disco  a “real must”  of  the dancing nights on the Adriatic coast, thanks to the careful and precise artistic direction of dj Linus... more + info

Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature)

You will experience a wonderful and otherwise impossible adventure, exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect in scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces. At Italy in Miniature you will feel  your heart in your throat, being overwhelmed by joy  and experiencing the great pleasure of discovering and understanding thanks an unusual mix of attractions and games... more + info


Come and see this year’s new attrctions at Fiabilandia! The new Safari Park is waiting for you to experience an exciting adventure at the discovery of animals,  which can be met only in distant continents. And if nature is your passion, then come and visit the “Garden of Forgotten Fruits” and the “Farmer's House” near the Old Farm, where you can relive the traditions of the past, when life was deep in contact with nature.


It is the largest  Theme  Park in the beautiful Adriatic Coast and one of the largest in Europe, a jewel that combines  geniality to technology and the  humanity of the best artists of the fun to the innovations of the digital world. It boasts a total of six theme areas for a total of 37 ... fantastic attractions and shows.…spettacoli.