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Tim - Imax

Tim is the second IMAX Imax cinema of Italy and was opened in conjunction with OLTREMARE within the complex of Parks of the hills of Riccione. Imax, as stated in the flyer, is “the most exciting and spectacular cinema experience in the world”: the screen  is 22 meters high and 29 meters wide (for a total of 630 square meters).

It is so great, that the eye can see only the projection, going all the way directly into the movie. This is made possible by a special film, 10 times larger than the standard. Also  the audio is transmitted in the room through a system of digital surround sound, having a power of 12000 watts.

Tim IMAX offers 497 seats and since 2005 the price for the entrance ticket has been included in that of OLTREMARE. The films shown are those that can be seen  at Imax cinemas in Europe ( starting from Berlin, Nuremberg, Copenhagen ...), unfortunately, some of them are  a bit old, but always wonderful when viewed with Imax technology. It is possible to view an Imax show independently from  the entrance to the Parks.