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OLTREMARE is the result of an investment of over € 70 million by enterprises  active for many years in the territory :  Aquafan and Delphinarium Riccione.

The park boasts a great variety of stimulating activities in  contact with nature, the result of an innovative architectural project, where the spectacular American technology perfectly meets the Italian creativity.
OLTREMARE is a park created for the 600 million European citizens: a surface of 110 thousand square meters for the most exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, where entertainment is also an opportunity to experience  rich educational contents.

In fact, OLTREMARE, through its spectacular, funny, original and rich cultural stimuli, aims at encouraging and promoting  the conservation of the environmental heritage with special attention to the Adriatic Sea and its coasts.

Most important is its collaboration with the Fondazione Cetacea, the non-profit  association , officially recognized by the Region of Emilia-Romagna, which since 1988 has focused its attention on the protection of the sea and its resources, actively engaged in research, conservation and management of  environmental education, with the help of biologists, veterinarians, scientists and volunteers.