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Places of mystery

Do you know, where a legend comes from? From a true story! We just want you to descover  two places full of mystery.

  • The lost city of Valbruna: many discoveries around the port of Vallugola (San Bartolo Park) have fueled the legend that tells the myth of Valbruna, the city, submerged by the eruption of Cantorini - Atlantis 2000 years before Christ.
  • Castle of Montebello: The Legend of Azzurrina tells of a sad event of the past. It was 21 June 1375 when the little girl disappeared in the old fortress and was never found. The history passed down for about three centuries and was enriched with elements of fantasy. The nocturnal visit to the fortress of Montebello is unique in Italy and will be remembered as one of the strangest things that can happen in life