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On the streets of Bacchus

We take you to discover of two wineries in our area that are characterized by history and culture.

Tenuta Carlini

"The art of niche vineyard breeding, organic and eco-sustainable."

Tenuta Carlini was born in the late eighties of the last century, when Andrea Carlini , still a student, interested to experience the world of viticulture , decided to use for study and research an old vineyard, to verify the knowledge acquired and the shapes of production and processing of grapes. 

Azienda  agraria Guerrieri

"From the same look, from the same smile, five generations of life dedicated to the earth and man."
THE PHILOSOPHY: Authentic Farmers
Each plant, each tree has its own name and function, to tell us that every day on earth there is a miracle that helps us live.
All our productions are aimed at the enhancement of indigenous products of our area in order to demonstrate and affirm the value of wine, oil and pasta in the Pesaro / Marche region.