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Long holiday 2024

Welcome to the Alexander and Gabicce, where the sea and tranquility come together in a perfect harmony.


We are pleased to present you an irresistible offer for your long holidays, a special way to enjoy the beauty of our area to the fullest.

By booking a 14-day stay, you will only pay for 13, thus giving yourself an extra day of relaxation and leisure.


But the surprises don't end there! For those who wish to extend the enchantment of their holidays even further, we offer a further discount: by booking 21 days, you will only pay for 19.


The Alexander awaits you for a unique experience among gentle waves, breathtaking views, refined cuisine, food and wine excursions, cultural tours and many moments of relaxation.

Book now and get ready to experience unforgettable moments!


Notes: Special offers or discounts cannot be accumulated one on top of the other.
Contact us for specific information if you wish to stay for shorter period.