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Trekking and Nordic Walking

A walking excursion moves  over time and is accomplished by the places it passes through. The destinations and itineraries, we propose, will allow you to deepen the knowledge of our area: San Bartolo Park, Furlo Gorge, Frasassi and many other typical landscapes.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has its origins in the 30s in Finland as an off-season training method for cross-country skiers. The evolution of Nordic Walking to the present form of sporting activity for leisure begins in early  80s in Finland.

In 1997, the Nordic Walking is launched at an international level, thanks to a profitable collaboration between the Finnish Central Association for Recreational Sports and Outdoor Activities "Suomen Latu," the Finnish Sports Institute "Vierumäki" and the manufacturer of sticks "Exel plc".
The Nordic Walking technique is based on the biomechanically correct walk, combined with certain movements of the arms and torso,  typical of cross-country skiing (classic technique). Nordic Walking is an evolution of the normal walk through the use of specific sticks, thus enabling a complete training for the whole body.

The intensity of training can be adjusted to the physical condition of the athletes according to three different levels: wellness, fitness and sports. The movements performed with the correct technique improve awareness and body control, posture, breathing, and, above all, stimulate the  general well-being.

Nordic walking is one of the disciplines of greatest tendency at this time. It is practiced in the open air, actively engages the arms in motion through the use of special sticks. It is the perfect exercise to  keep fit and lose weight.

We offer:

  • Maps and routes in the park of Monte San Bartolo
  • Rental of Nordic Walking sticks
  • Nordic Walking lessons with instructor
  • Guided hikes with water and mineral integrators

What do you need?

Sportswear, shoes and trekking sack.
When Health is the motto for your holiday!!!

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