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If you are passionate about tennis  we suggest to you the Tennis Club Maresia with 4 tennis courts (2 clay court, 2 synthetic court) just 20 meters away from the hotel.

In collaboration with the Castellani Tennis Academy and the advices of Silvia Farina, ex WTA No. 11 ...  under the supervision of the personal tennis Duilio Castellani!

Tennis program for all levels: beginner - advanced - agonistic.
Individual and group lessons.

1. Video and studio of the fundamental blow techniques
2. Study of game situations with technical-tactical exercises
3. The search of the ball,  supported by both ball and basket
4. Speeding of the head of the racket
5. Work situation  (bottom + net) support + response + points

The goal is to improve each player's athletic abilities through targeted workouts for the tennis game.

For info and tennis reservations:
Duilio Castellani 346.9449365